Wheel Alignment: the Causes, Effects, and How to Spot It

car wheel alignment

While most of us don’t think of it, our car’s wheel alignment actually plays a huge role in our driving experience and even our wallets. Did you know that a misaligned wheel, among other things, can wear out faster than other wheels? That’s right! This is why ensuring that your car’s aligned is vital, not […]

Does Your Auto AC Need Repair? Check Out These 8 Signs

Does Your Auto AC Need Repair? Check Out These 8 Signs

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is a vital element that keeps the temperature inside yourvehicle pleasant. However, it is one of the items that wears and damages with time owing toregular use and age. When your vehicle’s air conditioning fails to produce the requiredtemperature, it’s critical to have it examined, maintained, and repaired as needed.  […]

What is a Car Diagnostic Test

How does a car diagnostic test work?

What is a Car Diagnostic Test? A diagnostic test is a test performed on a car to determine the cause of a mechanical problem. It is necessary for any vehicle to pass a pre-sale inspection. Using a computerized device, an automotive technician can connect with the car’s internal computer. A trained auto technician can read […]

Benefits of Car Diagnostics & Repair

Diagnostic testing is an efficient way to identify vehicle problems.

Benefits of Car Diagnostics and Check Ups One of the most important things you can do for your car is to have it inspected by a professional. This way, you’ll be able to find out what’s wrong with your car before it becomes a major problem. You’ll also know how to save money on car […]

Why You Should Check Your Car Engine Light

Why You Should Check Your Car Engine Light

Importance of Checking Your Car Engine Light Why Should You Check Your Car Engine Light? A malfunctioning sensor is the most common reason your check-engine light comes on. This warning is an important part of keeping your vehicle running properly and emissions under control. It indicates that a component in the engine is failing. Even […]

Chassis and Suspension Repair

Suspension and steering repair services

While it may seem expensive to have your car’s chassis repaired, you can avoid it by doing it yourself as often as necessary. The following are the benefits of a professional Chassis and Suspension Repair: They last longer, are less expensive, and are better for your car. You can even get your old truck running […]

Brake Repair & Antilock Braking System

abs braking systems repair

In order to repair your ABS, you must know how to read the trouble codes in your vehicle’s controller. If the light is blinking, you have a problem with your wheel speed sensors. A trip through mud or a snowbank can cause damage to the ABS sensor. A trip down a gravel road can also […]

Brake Repair & Replacement

A Simple Explanation of How Car Brakes Work A person who has not taken the time to learn how to car brakes can easily be confused about the process. It is not so complicated to understand if you understand how a bicycle works. A bicycle uses a cable to activate the brakes. The driver then […]