Car Tune Ups

Get your vehicle tuned up! All the common parts and systems of your vehicle need regular tune ups. In addition to the checkups, your mechanic will change the air and oil filters and replace any faulty components.

Car Tune Up Surrey

Your mechanic will also check your spark plugs, which are an important part of a tune up. 

Your car’s fuel injectors also need to be cleaned regularly and let’s not forget checking up on your tires. And yes all four of them.  Fuel injector cleaning is another vital aspect of a tune up, but it is no longer necessary due to newer and better fuel additives. But this process will be more expensive than you think. Regardless, your car will definitely benefit from a regular maintenance check.

These are all vital steps in keeping your vehicle on the road. Our technicians will check the battery voltage and check for loose contacts and corrosion. If your car is new, your mechanic will also check the car’s computer, called the MCU, to determine any issues it may have. Once these problems have been identified, your mechanic will be able to form a plan to fix them. Besides the Muffler and Injector Cleaning, most tune ups also include changing your car’s oil and any other fluids that may be necessary. This will help keep your engine clean and running as smoothly as possible.

Properly maintaining your car will ensure that it will run smoothly for many years. A regular tune up is a great way to save money and prevent costly repairs. 

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