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We do full 4-wheel alignments, diagnose and fix suspension problems. We've got all-weather, all-season, snow and off-road tires for all brands and models.

Wheel Alignment Surrey

When you notice that your car is pulling to one side, there could be several reasons. The problem could be caused by poor air pressure, which will push your wheels out of alignment.

Underinflated tires will experience more resistance as they roll, making the pull even more pronounced. When your car is out of alignment, you’ll hear a squealing noise when you accelerate or make turns. This is a sign that your wheels are misaligned.

Fortunately, many tire and suspension centers like Grace Automotive in Surrey, BC, offer alignment services to keep your car in tiptop shape. This way, you can avoid costly repairs.

If you notice any tire problems and want to know whether it’s an alignment or suspension issue give us a call for a free diagnosis.

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