Your Practical Guidelines to Routine Car Maintenance

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When compared to not doing maintenance, upkeep maintains your car operating smoothly and
safely for a considerably longer distance.

While knowing which elements of your automobile require regular maintenance is crucial, you
also need to know which parts should be recorded in a vehicle maintenance diary.

Some components only require maintenance roughly once a year, while others require monthly

By identifying potential problems early, taking the time each month to perform a short service
check on your automobile can help you save future expenses and hassles.

Here is a brief checklist for vehicle maintenance that any auto owner can use.

Examine Your Tires

It’s necessary to check your tires regularly. Driving with the wrong tire pressure can lead to
handling issues, which can make it difficult to turn or keep your car under control. As a result, it’s
crucial to check your tire pressure each month, especially before lengthy drives or when hauling
heavy loads.

Verify All of Your Lights

Frequently disregarded, your lights require monthly maintenance. To achieve the finest
outcomes, you might require assistance from a friend or relative.

Test your car’s high beam, stop, back up, and turn signal lights, and then have them walk
around it to make sure all the other lights are operating properly.

Verify the Levels of the Coolant and Oil

Check the coolant and oil levels beneath the hood once the engine has cooled. A monthly
inspection, or one before you go on a road trip, can prevent problems in the future from
developing if you are short on either of them.

Change Your Oil

You must adhere to the advised maintenance plan because your engine oil performs numerous
functions for your car. You should replace your oil every three months or around every 5,000 to
7,500 kilometers.
While several conditions, such as the use of synthetic versus standard oil, might affect the
frequency, sticking to the recommended schedule will benefit your car.

Change Your Oil Filter

Oil filter replacement should be done at the same time as oil replacement. It shields your engine
from debris or other pollutants that could contaminate your oil and cause your engine to clog or
break down. Keep your car clean and it will run more smoothly.

Examine the Hoses and Belts

Checking your belts and hoses on a regular basis will help you avoid problems in the future
because they don’t last forever. For both, examine for tiny rips, cracks, or other signs of
deterioration. It could be time to replace them if they have any.

Check the Wires and Battery in Your Vehicle

Examine your battery and the wires that are attached when performing the previous 3-month
tests; you might need to pull back a protective rubber casing to see where they join. Ensure the
cables aren’t beginning to come loose, or there isn’t any corrosion.

Replace the Engine and Cabin Air Filters

Changing your engine and cabin air filters will improve your vehicle’s performance. A clean
engine filter may keep your acceleration constant, and your engine is operating at its peak,
much as a clean air filter makes your air conditioner function more effectively.

Rotate Your Tires

Make sure your tires degrade at the same rate as they do over time. This may extend their
lifespan and ultimately result in cost savings for you. The car may vibrate if the tread is
deteriorating unevenly, which may cause future harm.

Examine Your Brakes

Give your brakes a thorough checkup. As you slow down to a stop, turn off your radio and pay
attention to any strange noises. Additionally, removing brake dust from your brakes might
lessen the amount that stopping will wear down your brake pads.

Grease the Hinges

Doors that squeak are more than simply a nuisance. They represent the hinges’ deterioration.
Applying a small amount of lubrication once a year should prevent squeaks.



Always make sure your automobile isn’t running when performing any of the specified engine
maintenance, or just take it to a trusted professional mechanic. These checkpoints for car
maintenance are not a comprehensive list; they are rather broad guidelines.
Use qualified mechanics to maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s instructions and
pay close attention to the recommended schedule of maintenance.
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